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Tim Nicometo— Vice President

Royce Ruter — Charter Clinician


Deadlines and Reminders

Nothing at this time.  But check back often

Recent and Upcoming Events

RAOA Football Association Meeting -Sunday October 4th via Zoom at 7pm (9/24/20)

MSHSL Football Clinic Zoom Call  - TUESDAY, October 6th at 5:30 pm    Fill out the following form to register (9/24/20)

MSHSL Items of Interest

Reminder:  There has been a few issues with administrative matters such as bands, PA announcers, fans and so on.  If you have issues with these items and they are affecting the game, get the site administrator involved.  Do not engage these people directly.  Also, Do Not penalize teams for bands playing during a live ball, an unruly announcer or vulgar fans.  All of these items can and should be addressed by the site administration.  Only involve the coach if no site administration is present.

Crew:  Communicate.  If a coach has a question and it is respectful, answer the question.  I realize that as we get deeper into the season, everyone’s wick is shorter, coaches and officials included.  Resist the urge to fight fire with fire.  Soothe, don’t incite.

Crew: If coaches are attempting to use iPads to show you perceived missed calls, politely tell them to put them away.  You have to make decisions in real time and it is not the best use of our time to look at iPads to look at past plays.  Tell the head coach that you are happy to discuss situations with him but we won’t use the iPad to discuss or dissect plays as the game is going on as you have a job to do and reviewing iPads takes away from that job.  The same goes for requests to look at plays prior to the game.


Crew: Don’t run past smoke.  Smoke will turn into a fire if we don’t stop and deal with it.  Recently saw a clip where a player was hit late, away from the primary action.  The officials did not see this action because they were too worried about the spot.  In this case, the spot was not critical and the line of scrimmage official came all the way to the hash, passing players to get to a spot that didn’t require a precise location.  The defensive player committed a foul behind the line of scrimmage official that would have been prevented or seen had the line of scrimmage official stopped when he got to smoke.

HL/LJ:   If a formation is close enough to be legal, make it legal.  Don’t split hairs.  If it is more borderline, give the team a formal warning.  Clear fouls don’t require a warning, but it would be helpful if you could warn as appropriate

Crew:   Remember that the game is one of high emotion, played by gifted teenagers who are affirmed by playing a game at which they are talented. 


Allow for brief spontaneous, emotional reactions at the end of the play.  The key words are teenagers and emotion. 


Keep that in mind when you are working with players on the football field.  Don’t penalize emotion.  Use a sense of humor and use the coaches to help when you can.

Camps and Clinics

POSTPONED - 2020 Upper Midwest Football Officials’ Clinic – April 17-18 at the University of Minnesota.  There will be classroom training on Friday followed by the opportunity to get on the field on Saturday (TBD) and work games with observers.  Contact is Rick Kruger at  Here is a link to the application form.