Deadlines and Reminders

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MSHSL Items of Interest

Crew:  I have mentioned that we should start a series on a big line, except when we are inside the five yard line.  In this case, we should be more “exact.”  If we put it on a big line, I am talking about putting the nose of the ball on the 42 or 43 versus the 42.3 yard line.  This does not mean move it to the nearest solid line such as the 35, 40, 45, etc.

Crew:  Review free kick infractions, specifically 6-1-3b and 6-1-4.  We have seen video of free kicks this year where we did not have a minimum of four players on each side of the kicker and an instance where a player was more than five yards from the kicker’s restraining line and did not ultimately kick the ball.  We also received reports of teams punting for a free kick not following a safety.

Crew: Communicate.  If a coach has a question and it is respectful, answer the question.  I realize that as we get deeper into the season, everyone’s wick is shorter, coaches and officials included.  Resist the urge to fight fire with fire.  Soothe, don’t incite.

HL/LJ:  Continue your work on crossfield mechanics, especially on pass plays at the sideline where the receiver is driven back.

Crew: I have borrowed this one from the CCA manual several times before. I think it fits perfectly for the HS level as well:
Remember that the game is one of high emotion, played by gifted teenagers who are affirmed by playing a game at which they are talented.  Allow for brief spontaneous, emotional reactions at the end of the play.
The key words are teenagers and emotion.  Keep that in mind when you are working with players on the football field.  Don’t penalize emotion.  Use a sense of humor and use the coaches to help when you can.  Let’s finish the season with as much compassion and understanding that we can muster.

Rules/Plays of Interest

Rule Book:
Page 67-68, 8-5  Force, Safety and Touchback
Page 69-70, 9-3  Illegal Blocking
Case Book:

Page 66-67, 7.5.10 Pass Interference, Situations A, B, C & D
Page 68, 7.5.13 Illegal Touching, Situation A


Jared Butson — Assignor


Eric Okstad— Vice President

Royce Ruter — Charter Clinician

Recent and Upcoming Events

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When in Doubt

When in question as to whether an action is a false start or illegal motion/shift, it is a false start.
When in question, a formation is legal.
When in question, the runner fumbled the ball and was not down.
When in question, the passer fumbled the ball and it was not an incomplete pass.
When in question on a safety related foul, it is a foul.
When in question on a non-safety related foul, it is not a foul.
When in doubt, the passer is out of the tackle box.
On a turnover or kick play, when in doubt on a threatened goal line, make it a touchback.
When in question, it is not a touchdown.
When in question, it is not a safety.

Camps and Clinics

Camp Season is over.  Check next Spring