Deadlines and Reminders

9/1/21 - Online Rules Meeting, Official’s Exam and Official’s Registration (Payment)

MSHSL Items of Interest

Crew:  A reminder about players from R blocking the kicker on a free kick outside of the parameters of the rule book.  Mechanically, back judges, we need to be aware of the kicker as we move onto the field into our position.  Make sure that all the K players cross your face before moving onto the field.  Rule 9-3-4 states that the kicker may not be blocked if he has not advanced five yards beyond the free kick line.  Additionally, they may not charge into a player who is obviously out of the play per 9-4-3b. Please be aware of vulnerable players including those that are deemed defenseless by rule.  They can be contacted, just not illegally.
HL/LJ:  LOS officials are doing a great job of holding the line until the pass is imminent unless the snap is inside the 10 going in or out.  However, if there is a bad snap, we should move back sufficiently to cover the play.
Crew: Clock awareness is a crew responsibility.  If we miss a running clock or start the clock on the ready when we shouldn’t, this is a crew responsibility.  The training tape has an example of excellent awareness.
R: If a team is not in scrimmage kick formation, it is less likely that a kick will take place and less likely we will give roughing the kicker protection.  When we are talking about roughing, we are looking for punishing or unnecessary contact or contact to the plant leg.  Running into the kicker would be contact that doesn’t meet that threshold and usually involves the kicking leg.
B:  We are at approximately 20 yards for our initial position unless the ball is snapped from the 15 and in.  This means that if the ball is snapped at the 17, we are in the end zone.  We will adjust our position as the play dictates.
B:  Stay still once a punt is caught.  Do not chase the runner.  Take in blocks and relinquish the runner to the wing.

Rules/Plays of Interest

Rule Book:
Page 51-52, 5-2  Down and Possession After Penalty
Page 53-55, 6-1  The Kickoff and Other Free Kicks
Case Book:

Page 52-53, 6.5.6 Kick-Catching Interference, Situations A, B, C, D & E
Page 55, 7.1.6 Encroachment, Situations C & D

Camps and Clinics

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Jared Butson — Assignor


Tim Nicometo— Vice President

Royce Ruter — Charter Clinician

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When in Doubt

When in question as to whether an action is a false start or illegal motion/shift, it is a false start.
When in question, a formation is legal.
When in question, the runner fumbled the ball and was not down.
When in question, the passer fumbled the ball and it was not an incomplete pass.
When in question on a safety related foul, it is a foul.
When in question on a non-safety related foul, it is not a foul.
When in doubt, the passer is out of the tackle box.
On a turnover or kick play, when in doubt on a threatened goal line, make it a touchback.
When in question, it is not a touchdown.
When in question, it is not a safety.