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The basketball season is has ended.  Please check back later this Summer/Fall for information.


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MSHSL Plays of Interest

Rule Book

Page 52-53,  7-5  Resumption-of-Play Procedure, Throw-Ins

Page 56-57,  9-1  Free-Throw Provisions


Case Book 

Page 52, 6.4.3 Simultaneous Violation, Situation A


Page 53-54, 6.7 Continuous Motion, Comment


Jared Butson — Varsity Assignor

Marshall Behrens - Under varsity Assignor


Jim Fall — Vice President

Tristan Severson — Charter Clinician

Recent and Upcoming Events

The basketball season is has ended.  Please check back later this Summer/Fall for information.

MSHSL Items of Interest

  • I realize the winter season is a long one.  It is tempting to give up on the mechanics and rules study.  We allow ourselves to push it off for another day.  It’s like eating chips.  We say we will only have a few and then all of a sudden, we have eaten the whole bag.  Don’t give in!  The end of the season is in sight.  Stay the course.


  • Discuss ways you can help the crew without officiating the whole court.  We still have our PCA’s to focus on but we can help the crew when needed.

  • Discuss restricted area arc rules and coverages.

  • Manage dead ball time efficiently.  Make sure we have the correct free throw shooter and fouler.  Make sure the clock is correct.  Slow down.

  • New Lead- make sure the clock starts and be especially vigilant in close games.

  • Continue to communicate well with your crew, the table, coaches and players.  There is no such thing as over communication.

  • If you have a disqualified player, it is ok for another official to take over the administration of the process.

  • In the post season, we tend to call less than we do during the regular season.  This seems to be the case in every sport.  We want the players to decide the game.  Let the players who play by the rules decide the game.  If contact rises to the level of a foul, make the call.