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The basketball season is underway!  Check back often for quizzes and training videos.


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Jared Butson — Varsity Assignor

Marshall Behrens - Under varsity Assignor


Jim Fall — Vice President

Tristan Severson — Charter Clinician

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The basketball season is underway!  Check back often for quizzes and training videos.

MSHSL Items of Interest

  • Give yourself plenty of time to get to the site and park.  Post season parking can be hard to come by at some sites.

  • Tell coaches that they may need to be louder to request a timeout and they may need to say it multiple times to be recognized as we will have bigger crowds at Section/State games.

  • Introduce yourself to the table personnel and review expectations.  Neutral site table crews may be new to working high school games.

  • Make the first call of the game a good one.  It is hard to sell our program if we start the game with a soft foul or violation call.  Make it big!

  • If you need to discuss something as a crew, stay away from the benches.  When you make a decision, communicate with the coaches and the PA announcer as appropriate.

  • Make sure we know when team control is established or lost.  This makes a big difference when it comes to the awarding of free throws or calling violations.  Review this definition in the rule book.

  • If you are bringing in subs, hold up the administering official with a stop sign.  Don’t put the ball in play until the arm goes down and you get acknowledgment that play can continue.

  • Don’t call anything that you wouldn’t feel comfortable calling in the last minute of a tie game.  Make it big!

  • Review the Restricted Arc Rule and mechanics.

  • Make sure you are on the same page with PCA’s.

  • Have confidence to make the big call.  Be even stronger in making a big no-call. 

MSHSL Plays of Interest

Rule Book

Page 28,  4-4  Ball Location, at Disposal

Page 48-49,  6-4  Alternating Possession


Case Book 

Page 27, 4.15.4  Dribble- Legal and Illegal Movement, Situation D & E


Page 68-69, 9.2.10  Boundary-Plane Infraction, Situation A & B