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The basketball season is underway!  Check back often for quizzes and training videos.


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MSHSL Plays of Interest

Rule Book

Page 40-41,  4-41  Shooting, Try, Tap

Page 49-50,  6-4  Alternating Possession


Case Book 

Page 36, 4.42.6 Throw-In, Situation


Page 51, 6.4.1 Arrow Mistake, Situation D


Jared Butson — Varsity Assignor

Marshall Behrens - Under varsity Assignor


Jim Fall — Vice President

Tristan Severson — Charter Clinician

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The basketball season is underway!  Check back often for quizzes and training videos.

MSHSL Items of Interest

  • As a reminder, we are still adhering to the uniform rules as shown on the uniform poster/document that can be found on Arbiter.  The rule for undershirts has not changed.  The undershirt must be a single solid color similar to the torso of the jersey(Rule 3-5-6).  In other words, black undershirts may not be worn under green jerseys.


  • If you have an issue with a fan, discuss with game administration or the coach.  Do not engage the fan directly.  Do not threaten forfeits, technicals or similar.  Wait until the fan has left and then resume the game.  If this occurs, file an incident report.

  • In two person mechanics, discuss skip pass and quick shot coverage on page 63.  It is imperative that we get eyes on the shooter and take them up and down.

  • Discuss throw-in coverage for two person in the front court.  We have to leave some areas uncovered and we should play the best odds for coverage(Pg. 80)

  • In two person, the trail is now opposite the bench on free throws which means the lead is table side.  This is a change from the past to better assist with seeing subs and bench activity(Pg. 92).

  • Teams are beginning to use throw-in strategies with multiple players out of bounds.  7-2-11 states that no teammate of the thrower may be out of bounds after a designated spot throw-in begins.  The throw-in begins as shown in 4-42-3.  The throw-in begins when it is at the disposal of the thrower in a designated spot throw-in situation.  On a spot throw-in, only the thrower may be out of bounds. 

  • 7-5-7a indicates that any player may make a throw-in along the end line for situations listed in rule 7-5-7 and that he or she may pass the ball along the end line a teammate or teammates outside the boundary.  Multiple players may be out of bounds along the endline if it is not a designated spot throw-in.

  • Be sure to mirror the ball as the lead.  This will assist in smooth rotations when the ball settles on the other side of the court.
    Trust your partners.  Let them do their thing in their PCA’s before you get involved in their play.
    Move to improve.  If you are in a good spot to officiate space, stay there.  If you are looking at backs and elbows, we probably need to adjust.