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2018  Awards RAOA

Stephen Matusiewicz

RAOA Service Award

June, 2018

As most parents do, he coached his sons thru Jr. High, then got bit by the bug and started officiating in 1997 for Rochester Youth Basketball Association.

He changed careers and worked from home and started thinking the walls might close in! He loved the exposure to people, even if the fans weren’t so positive, loved working with the kids, loved the atmosphere!


Over the years, he was the "go to guy" to work any youth or under varsity game at a moment's notice.


He will continue to officiate Adult League Volleyball.

Ethan Riggin

RAOA Service Award

June, 2018

Ethan was a girls varsity head coach for 3 years at Southland, he then turned away from the "Dark" side and saw the "Light", and began his officiating career as a way to stay connected to basketball.


He officiated varsity basketball for 10 years. Billy McKnight was a person who got him started in officiating.  People who he looked up to, or were influential in his officiating career included Royce Rutor, MJ Wagenson, and Jared Butson. 


He will be coaching youth stuff, and  taking care of his four children with his wife.

Rod Morlock

RAOA Service Award

June, 2018

In addition to working a number of under-varsity basketball games at Stewartville, Rod Morlock was also an umpire in the association for 15 years.

MSHSL Association Awards

In July 2010, RAOA was presented with a Citation Award for Exemplary Mentoring Program.

In 2014, RAOA was presented with a Citation Award for Exemplary Training Program

In 2015, RAOA was presented with the MSHSL Award of Excellence for Officials Associations.

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