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3 Seconds Rule 4-45

Case Plays – 9.7.1., 9-7-2

Another crowd pleaser!

  • Three seconds can only begin when the offense has the ball in the front court. 

  • If the ball is in the back court there is no three seconds. 

  • If the ball is at the disposal of a thrower for a throw in there is no three seconds.

  • Three seconds is suspended if the player who has been in the lane for under 3 seconds makes a move to score.


  • If a player has been in the lane for under 3 seconds, they receive the ball and move like thy are going to attempt to score (now they exceed the 3 seconds) and instead pass the ball out of the lane – now they have violated the rule = Call the violation.


  • Three seconds is off when the try is in the air, rebounding and immediate put back shots are occurring, otherwise consider this – every time the offense shoots all offensive players would be required to leave the lane and return to re-establish rebounding position – ridiculous.  Let the fans yell, they do not understand the rule.

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