Sep 5, 2018

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  • We’ll have our weekly umpire conference call this Sunday evening starting at 8:00 PM.   Dial (866) 365-4406‬Participant code: 2844575 Agenda: *Observations from your week 3 game Issues with players, coaches, field, etc *Open Discussion Pregame Routine *Discussion Plays  - I know this is an NCAA clip, but lets discuss this from NFHS rule set and mechanics. 1)  Is this a hold? 2)  Who’s key? 3)  Would score and time matter? 4)  Any other observations? Thanks guys...
  • Hey gang, I know most of you don’t work NCAA and likely have no desire…but I think this document does have merit as it covers most of the major high school rules we need to know inside and out during every game.
  • Hey guys, take a look at this article. I study this routinely. If you can put the hold into a bucket or category, then chances are it's a hold. If's not a hold.