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  • I'd like to get some suggestions on good technique for crew coverage on free kicks and scrimmage kicks. What have you found that works well? We are looking for something that will help us see more and ball-watch less. Do you have each position pick a specific position of K and watch only those players and when are you switching off them? The online manual still shows the prior to 2018 mechanic with the LJ and L in their old positions, so it doesn't offer much. Ryan
  • We’ll have our weekly umpire conference call this Sunday evening starting at 8:00 PM.   Dial (866) 365-4406‬Participant code: 2844575 Agenda: *Observations from your week 3 game Issues with players, coaches, field, etc *Open Discussion Pregame Routine *Discussion Plays  - I know this is an NCAA clip, but lets discuss this from NFHS rule set and mechanics. 1)  Is this a hold? 2)  Who’s key? 3)  Would score and time matter? 4)  Any other observations? Thanks guys...
  • Hey gang, I know most of you don’t work NCAA and likely have no desire…but I think this document does have merit as it covers most of the major high school rules we need to know inside and out during every game.