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Court Coverage Positioning/Front Court

  • Work the arc as the Trail to assure coverage on perimeter play down to the free throw line extended on the opposite side of the court from you.  Pre-game with your partner when you will let this look go, so they know when to pick it up (if you have a 5 second count going – stay with the count until the player stops their dribble)! 


  • Typically when as a trail you see the lead open up and "accept" that play or pass coming into the lead's primary, the trail will shift focus to watch the players off ball (typically the lane and near side area). 

  • As a Lead – this is important to pre-game, so you know where you are picking up this coverage.

  • If you have post play that requires the Lead to stay with their inside look longer, Trail adapt and work higher in the arc to see the play opposite.

  • If you are the Lead staying in the paint with your look at post play longer, stay in the close down position so your Trail can see you and adapt by moving to a higher arc position.

  • This info assures that one of you is off ball, and one of you is on ball – Practice this – Trust your partner to cover their primary area.  If we are both watching the ball – oops, what are the other 8 players doing??

  • See the Official's mechanics manual to study lines of intersection (where coverage changes), where you should be in press coverage, front court coverage, know when to bump and run, and other game administration.

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